Hot Drinks


All our coffees are made from freshly ground Piazza D’Oro beans – the finest coffee you’ll find! The base of all drinks is an Espresso, which is a shot or two of ground coffee steamed under pressure and then finished to your taste.

Single Shots 

Espresso £2.00

Filter Coffee black or white £2.20

Cappuccino £2.50

Latte £2.50

Flat White £2.50

Double Shots 

Double shots have a double strength espresso as a base and so have twice the taste and twice the caffeine!

Doppio (Double Espresso) £2.30

Filter Coffee black or white £2.50

Cappuccino £2.80

Latte £2.80

Macchiato £2.40

A shot of espresso with a scoop of foamed milk on top

Mocha £2.80

Coffee and chocolate mix served with steamed milk and chocolate sprinklings

Iced Tea £3.00

A blend of Sweetbirds ice tea syrup and water, served with a slice of lemon

Iced Latte £3.50

Our refreshing Iced Latte is a simple mix of Piazza D’oro espresso with milk over ice cubes.

Frappé Latte £3.90

An iced latte blended with our special frappe mix to make a refreshing, creamy and smooth tasting drink. Or make a flavoured Frappe by choosing from Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut or Chocolate at no extra cost. All topped with cream and dusted with chocolate sprinkles.


English Breakfast £2.20
Earl Grey £2.40
Peppermint £2.40
Green Tea £2.40
Camomile £2.40
Selection of Fruit Teas £2.40

Babycino 70p

Extra-foamy milk, like a cappuccino, minus the caffeine

Soya and almond milks available at an extra cost of 30p
De-Caffeinated tea & coffee available


Hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate £2.70

Rich and creamy hot chocolate made with steamed milk

Kids Hot Chocolate  £2.20

White Hot Chocolate £2.70

Rich and creamy white hot chocolate made with steamed milk

Add whipped cream or marshmallows for 20p each

Baileys Hot Chocolate £4.50


Liqueur coffee

Liqueur coffee £4.50

A shot of coffee and your choice of alcohol, topped with a layer of cream and a dust of chocolate!

Irish - Jameson Whiskey
Italian - Amaretto
French - Courvoisier Brandy
Spanish - Tia Maria
Baileys Latte - Latte with the smooth taste of Baileys

The atmosphere was buzzing with lively chatter and the warmth and friendliness of the staff was very welcoming. The coffee, served in good time, tasted excellent, and I was asked if I wanted hot or cold milk. A most pleasant experience and I look forward to returning.            'Paul R' on TripAdvisor